ROH Final Battle 2010 Preview

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Ring of Honor Final Battle 2010


Ring of Honor is far and beyond the number three promotion in the united states.  But in terms of in-ring action and storylines that don’t insult their fans, it’s arguable that Ring of Honor is #1.  This Saturday on is Final Battle 2010.  Since 2002 Ring of Honor has built a reputation for putting forth some of the best cards in recent memory and it deserves you plunking down $15 to see some of the best wrestling of the year.  Their isn’t a feud on the card that doesn’t have a great history behind it and nothing WWE or TNA has going on right now even touches the level of depth these fighters have.

Main Event: Ring of Honor World Champion Roderick Strong vs. Davey Richards for the title


If the name Roderick Strong sounds familiar to you TNA fans then it is because the man actually braved horrid weather to defend his ROH Tag Title belt with the former Austin Starr aka Austin Aries while they were in TNA and then took another flight to TNA to make a PPV appearance.  Instead of being rewarded for such an act and actually doing the noble thing and going to his date, TNA let him go.  That was many years ago but Roderick Strong has grown by leaps and bounds and he now is the ROH World Champion.  Davey Richards is by far the most intense wrestler in the US today.  The man has legit MMA in his background and every bit deserves the reputation he has built as a true professional.   His scintillating kicks and suplexes are only rivaled by the crispness and unrelenting back breakers put forth by his opponent, Roderick Strong.  These two men have known for over half a year that they were going to go head to head and possibly even before.  They were once in a faction called The No Remorse Corp and they ran roughshod over many of the ROH talents alongside Rocky Romero.  It would be Davey who turned on Roderick Strong and have the ire of the fans.  This time around Davey is the fan favorite as he vies for the one title he wants to wear before he retires.  The man has lost his wife and more due to wrestling, despite being more than willing to leave to make her happy, but as plans are he chose to return and has been more vicious than ever.  This title match will be a match of the year contender.  You don’t want to miss it if you’re into state of the art wrestling fused perfectly with MMA.

Co-Main Event: The ‘Final Battle’ El Generico vs. ‘Mr. Wrestling’ Kevin Steen

This co-main event has been a year in the making.  Last year at Final Battle 2009 Kevin Steen and El Generico were partners and they took on current TNA tag team contenders Generation ME foundly known on the indy scene as The Young Bucks.  After they lost, Kevin spoke from the heart in what was thought to be a retirement speech but in the end turned to be an act of treason as he turned on El Generico and joined forces with the hated Steve Corino.  Alongside Colt Cabana, El Generico has battled against the forces of Steen and Corino to some bloody classics.  They can all be seen on ROH DVDs but this final match is going to be it.  Generico’s mask is on the line as is Kevin Steen’s ROH career, and unlike Cena, Steen actually will leave Ring of Honor if he loses.  So much that Ring of Honor has actually canceled this match because of the liabilities of what the two men may do to each other.  It is stated that the main event will occur as planned and that any time afterwards will feature the two men  finally getting the chance to spill each others blood.   This will be a hardcore match that any former ECW or hardcore fans needs to see to believe.  These two men are going to do things with tables, ladders, and chairs that will make you feel glad you didn’t pay for WWE’s TLC PPV.

Tag Team Battle: The Briscoes & Papa Briscoe vs. ROH Tag Team Champions Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli with Shane Hagadorn


This is a feud for the ROH Tag Team belts.  Sadly the belts are not on the line but these two teams are arguably the best tag teams in the business today when it comes to talents not signed to WWE or TNA.   But this feud became personal when on n episode of ROH on HDNet Papa Briscoe who was sitting ringside was attacked by Chris Hero.  This made it personal coupled with the fact that Shane Hagadorn has constantly cost the Briscoes the belts by interfering in the matches with the KoW.   Well Papa Briscoe had it with the little snot nosed manager making his boys look foolish in their quest and he decided to take matters into his own hands.  Now he’ll get the chance to take it out on Hagadorn while it would be relatively understandable that even though they have been beaten three times by the KoW, that a win here for the Briscoes should give them another shot at the title belts.  That only being under the assumption that the night before the belts aren’t taken by the American Wolves in Davey Richards & former TV Champion Eddie Edwards who recently lost his belt to former TNA X Dvision Champ Christopher Daniels.   While the Briscoes are always full of liquid courage there is no doubt that Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli are two of the best in the world.   Either way, this is going to be a tag match to remember and only on Final Battle are you going to see it culminate to a brawl that won’t be soon forgotten.

The card itself then rounds out to some very good in-ring action.  It’s former TNA X Division Champions cross and current ROH TV Champion Christopher ‘The Fallen Angel’ Daniels takes on Homicide.  These two men were on the very first ROH show back in 2002 and have not very often faced each other.  This will give Final Battle some of the best in ring work and these two men deserve the time to do this.  The rest of the card is as follows:

Eddie Edwards vs. TBC*

The opponent was to be the returning Kenny Omega but an injured ankle has made that impossible.   Too bad as I was looking forward to this but Eddie Edwards has had a banner year and hopefully the opponent will be a great surprise.

Women of Honor- Tag Team Challenge Match
Daizee Haze and Awesome Kong vs. Sara Del Rey and Serena Deeb

Two women who have made their names in the big two are now in ROH and battling alongside two women who should be in the big two.  Former TNA Knockouts Champion Amazing Kong is teaming with Daizee Haze to take on former Straight Edge Society member Serena Deeb and the ‘Queen of Wrestling’ Sara Del Rey.  These women have everything to prove and I would be willing to bet that they will take women’s wrestling to depths not seen before.

Scientific Showdown
Colt Cabana Vs TJ Perkins

This match will be a scientific pleasure as both men are excellent at what they do.  They both combine many different styles of wrestling and no doubt will put the crowd into an early uproar with their match.

Tag-Team Challenge Match
All Night Express Vs Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly

Two up-n-comers in Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly against two men who have made it in ROH and who will be in main events to come in the All Night Express of ‘Addicted to Love’ Rhett Titus and ‘The Pretty Boy Pitbull’ Kenny King.   Both teams have what it takes to be tag champions in the promotion, but as the old adage says there can only be one number-one contenders.

I encourage all who read this to check out to see all the videos and info you need to catch up on this and how to order it.  For only $15 on you can see the best wrestling you will all year and be supporting some of the best talents in the world.   ROH needs to be in the mainstream and no doubt you’ll be into Ring of Honor long after this iPPV.


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