The Jeff Hardy Fallout

Originally posted on on Jan 04, 2011

Strikes & Bumps: The Jeff Hardy Fallout

Bound for Glory.  I’m not going to rehash what I felt about the PPV.  You can read that in the other exclusive article I wrote for  I’m here to talk about all the issues surrounding the current TNA World heavyweight Champion and what he has meant to so far for TNA in terms of what has he done for them.

I will preface all of this by stating that all the information noted has come from two sources, by Jason Powell and by Dave Meltzer, both of who are respected insiders for pro wrestling and MMA.  Anyone who cares to question their professionalism and knowledge of this sport are merely making weak excuses and have a poor grasp of the wrestling business when it comes to insider news.   If you don’t care to read on because you don’t respect their contributions to the sport then please stop reading here and group yourself with Jeff Hardy’s girlfriend who on her twitter tried to state that the story put out by THE ACTUAL DA’s OFFICE was merely a news paper picking on her boyfriend.   Let’s continue.

I for one absolutely hated Bound for Glory.  But I will admit that with the reported 39 thousand buys I will concede that it probably did a lot of good for TNA and it’s business.  So let’s jump ahead one month to Turning Point.  No doubt the creation of Immortal and one of the most polarizing stars of our generation Jeff Hardy would equal about the same buys right?  You would be dead wrong.  Reportedly Turning Point only garnered 13 thousand buys.  While Jeff Hardy was a face, the average TNA house show was getting 1,100 fans to the shows.  Two months after he was crowned champion and was turned heel, despite being one of the best baby faces they had, their house shows are averaging less than 1,000 even though that is up from the month directly after he was turned where they were averaging 900 fans.   What did TNA expect to happen when they turned a hot babyface heel?  Did they expect it to have the “Hollywood Hogan” affect and have business turn around?  Did they think that it would get the wrestling world abuzz because it was going to be unexpected?   Maybe that was their line of logic and they made a gamble.

Ok it’s been done and your business is worse.  I can’t even imagine what the buy rates for Final Resolution are going to be and I am scared to think of what Genesis is going to garner by not having a World Title match.  Let’s also keep in mind that Jeff Hardy is pleading guilty to possible felony drug trafficking charges.  Albeit he hopefully has a plea bargain in place, but he would still have to face some jail time no matter what unless his defense is good enough to get the cocaine charges ruled off.  At the same time, even if he doesn’t face any jail time, does TNA really want main stream press to state they have a convicted drug offender as champion and role model for their fans in their current “ Stop Bullying” campaigns?   What has to happen for TNA to realize that Jeff Hardy as a heel champion is actually doing more damage than good.

House show attendance is up after going down nearly %20.  PPV buyrates in one month went down %67.  What in the blue hell makes them think that this has been a success?  Even with the termination of Reaction by Spike, and let’s be honest.  Yes it was planned for Reaction to stop running in Dec 2010 but you know that TNA management wanted it to go on for more and you can be sure that Jason Hervey and Eric Bischoff might be looking elsewhere for business following this loss of income from Spike TV.

Once again I challenge the TNA faithful that are going to surround this with bullshit and state that Jeff Hardy has been good for the company and that turning him heel has been awesome.  If it’s so awesome, why did 26 thousand people decide that Turning Point was worse than Bound for Glory and not pay for it?  Why have ratings dropped in the past three months?  This the average ratings for the last quarter of Impact:

September: 1.43 million viewers

October: 1.66 million viewers

November: 1.42 million viewers

They are below where they were before Bound for Glory even started.  So are you still going to argue that it’s been better ever since Jeff Hardy was made a heel champion?  Even though the average TNA viewer now doesn’t watch the show or buy the PPVs?


By all accounts it should have been Anderson that was the key to Immortal.  He was a heel going into the god damned BFG PPV.  He was exactly what Ric Flair would have looked for in champion and even Hulk Hogan probably would have endorsed him a lot better than a Jeff Hardy.   Jeff Hardy should have been the babyface chasing Anderson.  He should have been in the spot that Matt Morgan is in right now.  It would have been huge still and probably would have garnered the same amount of talk online.  Ken Anderson wins his first World Championship after being snubbed by the WWE big wigs ie Randy Orton, John Cena, Triple H, and HBK who all reportedly went to Vince and John L. and told them they wouldn’t work with Anderson because he couldn’t be trusted in the ring.   What a story that would have been and imagine the Hardy faithful clamoring behind Jeff after being


That would have probably been major buys.  But instead they chose to alienate his fans and turn him into this heel that can’t even be trusted with a live mic.  He has to do backstage vignettes because live he just sucks the air out of the Impact Zone.   Hardy is much better on the mic when it feels he’s speaking from the heart and what he usually speaks is babyface fodder.  He has his fans in the palm of his hands when they want to follow him, so why have him turn his back on them?   This isn’t fucking rocket science TNA.   This is pro wrestling.  It’s easy as pie to book when you have nearly a millennium of experience and history to look back on.  Yes, pro wrestling has been around for over 1,000 years.  September 4, 1911: Frank Gotch defeated an injured Hackenschmidt at Comisky Park in Chicago in the much anticipated (re)match and crowned as one of the first NWA World Champions.   When September 4, 2011 roles around, will TNA still have one of their most beloved champions as a heel?  Dear god I hope not.


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