ROH ASE VII Review 09/18/15

Ok. Let’s talk booking. There are times when the internet wrestling community (IWC) are in conjunction with each other and times when we are all miles apart on an issue. Despite the perception, there is no such thing as a united front for any opinion. There are popular ones who seemingly are universal, such as Kevin Owen’s is an amazing worker/wrestler/father/person/zoo enthusiast. And there are opinions that are divided amongst a majority and a minority. ROH’s recent PPV All Star Extravaganza VII falls into the latter. Most of the reviews I’ve read were not happy with how the main event ended. A schmoz-fest of interference and a swerve some claim to have seen coming a mile away after Cole lost the #1 contender’s match and some say were very TNA esque. I fall somewhere in the middle on that.  While I was tweeting live results and opinions, I did mention that the ending of the match was a mess and while I understood the booking of it to create a longer running storyline. It just didn’t make that much sense. It felt a lot like a swerve for the sake of swerving the fans but that would create some awesome match ups so the fans would embrace it. I’m not going to say it was entirely TNA esque because at least I can see the logic in why it happened.  Let’s call a spade a spade. Adam Cole turned on Kyle O’Reilly and cost him his Title shot because he had lost the #1 contender’s match and he didn’t want someone he was (apparently) duping to become Champion.

What this means is that we are going to see some type of feud between reDRagon and The Kingdom. Awesome. Great matches? Check. Great promos? Check. Mike Bennett finally getting some respect as a worker? The jury is still out on that for some fans but I have definitely changed my opinion of him and honestly Taven as well over the last few months.  But it cannot be denied that we got a mess of an ending in the main event of the show. Albeit shocking and caused a lot of buzz.  Jay Lethal is still a double Champion in ROH (hey look, WWE didn’t do that at NOC) and I have a feeling this won’t be the last time we see Adam Cole butting into the World Title scene. It ultimately comes down to where you land as a fan with Delirious’ booking. I will say over the past few months since the joint shows I have seen a little bit more attention paid to endings and how matches finish so I’ll give him trust when it comes to how this plays out in the end. By the time Final Battle rolls around, let’s see the landscape of the World Title scene and if Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole are still involved or if one of them is back in another position entirely.

The rest of the event was great and while some have complained that a few of the matches didn’t live up to their expectations I thought the wrestling was good to really good.  Dalton Castle has lost control of the Boys to Silas Young and if you’ve read the results (cheap plug on then you know some hilarity is ensuing.  Cedric and Moose did their best to steal the show and I would be hard pressed to say that Moose isn’t advancing his in ring abilities in terms of work and psychology with Cedric guiding him. Both men should be near the top of the card by year’s end if things continue this way.

The TV Title match that started the show ended the with Lethal walking away as Champion still but with many still wanting to see Bobby Fish get inserted into that division moreso than a return to the tag ranks.  We already have seen a tag team that can replace them in the surprise return of the All Night Express. Kenny King and Rhett Titus are back (yeah, we keep it kayfabe here) and got a huge win over the Briscoes which was both gutsy and the right call.

ACH and Matt Sydal had a helluva match that built on their first two. Granted, if you haven’t had a chance to see them yet then it might have seemed a bit too grounded for some.  But the shows are up on ROH VOD and I’ll be mentioning whether they get a recommend or not in my next review roundup.  I can understand some saying it had too much ground work but I had no problem with that. AJ Styles is your #1 contender after defeating three excellent competitors and this should add some excitement leading into Glory By Honor XIV and Survival of the Fittest.

Overall I would say this was worth the $35 with the caveat being that it will highly depend on how much you trust Delirious to stay the course.


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